Gritilde’s Hat Tuesday, Apr 1 2014 

Gritilde’s Hat

The day
I would become my mother’s
Christmas tree,
she designated
me to be, as happily
for Gritilde, as she wanted me
for her to pleasure,
seeing me
and, to spare to
her a Christmas tree.

The hat, I wear this moment, once
beneath, a rubbish pile
an unturned, bulldozed mountain.
Such treasure!
Found, my hat
for all to see, this moment,
had been uncovered, founded in clutter,
like no other, yet the centuries
saw such style
as this hat,
years, and years ago;
currently, fabulous,
I wear this style
for attentive attractors.

Gritilde’s hat, now pounced, upon
her crown, with such devour sous teeth
Gritilde smiles, paltry gloating,
–that which my sister
understood, standing by.
From the core of my conception
I was to be the Christmas tree,
Gritilde’s tree.

Wishes locked within
the memory.
The sealed hat locks, preserved
unbeknownst thoughts,
within a vacuumed ziplock,
for some future
digging up
another stylish hat for later,
a future
in the next millennium, perhaps.

Gritilde’s hat, as well as she,
gone, and buried beneath
the sea, for memories,
to be locked within the bowels
of waves and torrents,
into the sea
(perhaps, for future compliments)
and as,
are such her thoughts,
Gritilde, although innocent
free forever of harming me,
left no thoughts hidden or undone,
my sister knew,
my ally knew,
be it known now, to me,
Gritilde thought it best,
I becoming, were to
be her Christmas tree,
Gritilde’s tree.
Best I be the tree,
than live.

meri bogdan
April 1, 2014

SUSPENSION Monday, Nov 5 2012 

Lightening hit the poster bed

the day you were conceived.

Electric atoms violently crashed

     against each other–

You came into being.

Unobtrusive traveler–

     sojourner,long enough

     …the road, a mere



Peacefully spoken, you, poster child,

were announced on the day

words of horror, crushing into,

transforming simple structure.

You brought an uneven wrinkle on

the smooth equilibrium of my timeline.

That, your presence, was once thought unheard of–

     A family transformed, a mere



Interrupted, sleeping baby

the final day arrived, for all the prep

     and vacuuming

(at least, you brought to God, yourself).

The look you framed in time, made God smile.

The look was your one smile,

     your only smile, your forever smile–

     a smile, preserved forever,

     in mere



November 4, 2012

meri bogdan





Tuesday, Sep 8 2009 

This is a phrase, a quote i wrote in 1977, the year my daughter, Karey, was born.  Her father was a pilot of sorts, having been a Vietnam era veteran, served as an air traffic controller.  From his books I learned that the attitude of the plane determines how high it is to fly.  So i wrote this:

Your attitude determines your altitude.

Mary Bogdan Hauf

Mary Kathryn Bogdan

meri bogdan

Rainbow at Sunset Saturday, Dec 27 2008 


scrambling , wandering

sorting, biting

something devouring complacency

(what is it i hear from the treetops)

Oh!  The word that pushed my buttons

sadly; again, again, again

she cried for joy 

once again

the only





meri bogdan

December 27, 2008

i believe Monday, Mar 3 2008 

just as you come

topsy-turvey into my life

i realized

there are no envelopes

for exchanging


that can only happen once

why do we struggle so

how do we struggle so!

for the joy that comes only

as a butterfly

resting on your shoulders

-meri bogdan/  3/03/2008

space Monday, Jan 21 2008 




to be



as an infintesmal being

in auspiciousness

definition of one second Tuesday, Jan 15 2008 

it happened

in an instant

the moment closing in

to be


fraction’s eloquence


an instant

extending forever

as real as a

number three, or four, or


or even one or two

it is there

existing not in space and time

daresay as you or I


ever ominescently


-meri bogdan, January 14, 2008

Cold, Stone Cold Sunday, Jan 13 2008 

Lonely stranger:

Don’t tell me you cannot see

the icy breath of alienation

the visions of people

walking in a circle

over and over

not talking

not touching

wanton, restless spirits

of crying

joined by loss

loss of humanity

loss of sanity

cold, stone cold

those people-

visions of someone else’s hate

who quietly faced me

shut the window

and left. 

meri bogdan, January 13, 2007

Hello world!(unnamed) Sunday, Jan 13 2008 

You have only what you give away or are 100% willing to.

meri bogdan